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Picture of an Ampex Model 200A
Ampex Model 200A, Serial Number 003

Welcome to the home of the Ampex Virtual Museum and Ampex Mailing List!

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The Ampex Mailing List is an informal group interested in the use, maintenance, preservation, and history of Ampex audio and video products, both professional and consumer. Collectively, list subscribers constitute the deepest, broadest collection of wisdom in existence about Ampex equipment of all kinds and vintages. Messages sent to the list are automatically sent to all subscribers.

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Parts Sales and Equipment Prices (Short answer: I don't sell parts and have no idea what your gear is worth.)

Dedicated to preserving the history of the most important manufacturer of magnetic recorders, the Ampex Virtual Museum provides online access to
     Manuals, Schematics, and Service Bulletins
     Repair, Maintenance, and Modification Tips
     Parts and Repair Sources
     Catalogs, Sales Brochures, and Similar Literature
     Magazine Articles
     Pictures of Ampexes (mostly)
     Biographies of some Ampex Mailing List subscribers
     Pictures of Ampex Mailing List parties
     Ampex history & Other Historical Information
     AES Pre-prints by Ampex authors
      Audio Clips of Interviews with Former Ampex Employees
     Alignment Instructions
     Links of Interest to Ampex Users
     Illustrations Accompanying Dale Manquen's Posts on Flutter
     Literature Scanning Project

New material is added frequently. Check back often to see what's new.

Stanford's press release regarding their acquisition of the collection of the former Ampex Museum of Magnetic Recording and other material from Ampex.

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