Tapes with Sticky-Shed Syndrome

The following tapes have been reported to exhibit sticky-shed syndrome.

Note that with the exception of Capitol Q15 (and, presumably, its Audiotape equivalent), all these tapes are backcoated. Though backcoating per se has nothing to do with sticky-shed syndrome, if the tape in hand is not backcoated, the odds are good that it will not require baking before being played. (In fact, baking it may cause problems.)

Use your favorite Internet search engine to find recommended tape baking techniques.

These listings were compiled from information reported by members of the Ampex Mailing List, representing those members' first-hand experience with their own reels of tape. As such, it is believed to provide some useful guidance for others who may confront tapes of the listed types. It is not, however, the product of scientific testing or statistically valid sampling, and it should be taken only as suggestive of the need for further investigation when tape of a listed type is to be played.

Alpha-Numerical List of Tape Types with Sticky-Shed Syndrome
ManufacturerTape TypeYears AffectedInformation Source
AgfaPEM 468pre-1990?Goran Finnberg
PEM 469pre-1990?Cary B. Cornett
type 1 (cassette duplicator)?Ben Torre
Ampex/Quantegy4061970s-mid-1980s (and later?)Many
AudiotapeSee Capitol Q15
CapitolQ15 (an Audiotape formulation)early 1980sHoward Sanner
Quantegysee Ampex/Quantegy
Scotch/3M226AllWilliam F. Lund

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Created: 11 Dec 2002